A downloadable AR App for Android

DaCruz AR is a small mobile app that adds a layer of playful interactivity over a graffiti by Parisian artist DaCruz

Da Cruz AR - When street art meets augmented reality, by @_gaeel_ @adrielbeaver & @dacruzgraffiti
Made for #UrbanJam, full video at https://t.co/ORqpHsjiRu pic.twitter.com/2xKbUQtTwx

— void.garden (@_voidgarden) May 13, 2018
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Born on la Rue de L'Ourcq, in Paris, DaCruz has travelled around the world, and brought back influences from Africa and South America, that he uses to bring life to the wall in his neighbourhood

Street art belongs in the streets, and our app brings interactivity to the streets of Paris with DaCruz' colourful art, visit la Rue de L'Ourcq soon to play with this graffiti yourself!


DaCruz AR - Jam Build 46 MB

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